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Yacht insurance isn’t something to overlook. When buying or operating a yacht, it is sometimes essential for owners to have the right type of financial protections in place to minimize risks. However, each policy is very different. It is not possible to buy a basic type of boat insurance and assume it is good enough. READ MORE >>

Boat insurance is designed to protect from two big risks. The first is to help protect from damage to the boat itself. Secondly, insurance is there to help minimize liability risks, instances in which the boat’s owner or operator may be responsible for losses to other people or other property. READ MORE >>

Boat owners often think about all of the good things that happen every time they step foot in their boat and plan a trip. Whether it is across the lake or into the ocean, there’s no doubt a sense of freedom present. As today’s owners consider these types of experiences, it is also important to consider the type and amount of boat insurance you may have in place. READ MORE >>

Plenty of businesses use boats for daily operations; and many of these boats carry passengers. From tourist attractions to transportation services, carrying passengers on a commercial boat presents its own unique risks. It’s your responsibility to keep them safe for the duration of the voyage, along with delivering on promised services. READ MORE >>

You’re heading out for a long day of fishing, relaxing in the water and having some fun with friends. You have planned well and done this plenty of times. Then, something goes wrong. Your boat is in a collision and is a total loss. While your boat insurance is there to cover your boat’s value, you may be wondering about everything else on the boat. READ MORE >>

No matter how well you know your friend, neighbor or even family member, if you plan to allow this individual to use your recreational vehicle, you simply need to ensure the vehicle is safe and ready for the road. If you cannot do this, you should inform them, at least, of what needs to be done before your vehicle gets out onto the open road. READ MORE >>

Even though you’re surrounded by water while on a boat, the risk of fire is still present. And a boat fire can, in some instances, be even worse than a fire on land. Because once you abandon ship, there’s nowhere to go until help arrives. So it’s prudent to take fire safety into consideration before leaving the dock. READ MORE >>

Yacht insurance is specialized to provide the maximum amount of insurance protection possible for boat owners. Yet, many people fail to take a closer look at their policy, what it offers and what it does not in order to ensure their investment is well protected from the many risks you face. READ MORE >>

As any boater knows, shallow waters are a recipe for disaster. If your boat gets stuck, you could experience damages to the vessel or even injuries to you and your passengers. We’ve compiled some tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of boating in shallow waters. Inspect the Water Depth READ MORE >>

Plenty of individuals use charter boats to do business, such as carrying passengers for hire. With this business endeavor comes certain legal and liability concerns. After you obtain operator licensing and equip your vessel with safety gear, you’ll also need to consider a commercial boat insurance policy. READ MORE >>

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